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Dr. Akila Ka Ma'at

publishes as Jennifer R. Warren

Author | Speaker | Scientist | Entrepreneur

Speaking truth to power is a critical and necessary act in releasing the chaos, building personal power, and advocating for absolute freedom for every Black man and woman around the globe. 

Now Available

Ivory Tower Hypocrisy
2nd Edition

This 2nd edition is both an introspective account and a scholarly endeavor. As a Black female academic 25 years, I leverage my unique positionality to interrogate the endemic institutional racism that flourishes in these predominantly caucasian educational settings. This revision is enriched by the inclusion of a testimonial from a colleague, poetry that resonates with my experiences, and the latest adaptive strategies that have proven instrumental in preserving my psychological well-being. Through this comprehensive exploration, the book serves its ultimate purpose: to challenge dominant narratives and speak truth to power. I do not apologize for writing plainly. A difference between Black and Whites is that Black folks do not shy away from confronting an issue, especially those who are 'sick and tired of being sick and tire' - Fannie Lou Hamer.

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Now Available 

Now Available

Ivory Tower Hypocrisy

This 1st edition of The Ivory Tower Hypocrisy: Intellectual Lynching in the Relentless Pursuit of Academic Freedom presents a no-holds-barred critique of racial subjugation based on Dr. Jennifer R. Warren’s 22 years of experience as an educator and social scientist within large research universities. In this unsettling memoir, Dr. Warren exposes a Caucasian-controlled intellectual economy that sanctions unjust academic policies and practices. The reader takes on a first-hand account of why and how Black women faculty are forced to create and disseminate knowledge that supports Caucasian perceptions of reality and, ultimately, to understand how this status quo is hostile to, and at times terrifying in, our pursuit of academic freedom. Points for discussion are at the end of the book.

Now Available 

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Soon to Be Released

We Can't Breathe

Excerpt: The shocking and revolting death of Mr. Floyd and all that followed in its aftermath: a racist tyrant still running American politics, national anti-woke efforts sanctioning laws banning Black History and discussions of race and racism in school, the Supreme Court outlawing Affirming Action, and reports that Black Americans experience the highest rates of hate crimes of any other race or ethnicity. All of this is against the real force of evolution. America is browning and will be a predominately black and brown country. What we now see crystal clear, that is unless you are choosing not to see, is the raw puss-filled wound that has been festering deep within white supremacy ever since chattel slavery was outlawed. Conscious and unconscious white supremacist folks, from my experience, are truly fearful of Black power in all its permutations. Caucasians of the white supremacist type pretend they are enlightened, yet despotically almost like a sociopathology who want to control and even destroy Blacks globally. . . 

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Akila Ka Ma'at, PhD


When I look back on my life I remember being so aware of racism and how people were treated, especially since I was in the movement to bus Black kids to a White school. I also remember never wanting to hold my mother's hand or walk close to her because she could pass for White and I was a Black-skinned child - well aware of racial differences. These were profound moments in my life. With my primary and secondary education being extremely provocative. The most racist experience of my life has been my time in the American educational system, as a student and then as a professor.

At first, I was ready and rearing to be an academic. But there was always a conflict within me, that actually started in childhood. My voice, my worldviews, and my beliefs were silenced in the classroom and without. I was bathed in a system of power and privilege that did not include me. This privilege seems most egregious in our educational systems.

The Ivory Tower Hypocrisy series lays it all on the line and is infused with personal stories. It critiques institutional and systematic racism in covert and overt acts of educational subjugation in primary, secondary, and higher education without losing you sense of self and power.  





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